Top 10 Primer: What Elected Officials Need to Know about the Use of Social Media

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Friday, May 31, 2019 - 10:00am
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Do Facebook and Twitter have appropriate places in the world of local elected officials?  What are the Upsides?  What are the Downsides?  What is public? What is private?  How does your use of social media change once the campaign is over and you start governing? The answer to all these questions can be complicated when the people you communicate with live next door, see you in the grocery store, or know where you have lunch every day.

The rules and practicalities of social media use for local elected officials can be confusing and confounding.  In this 75-minute class you’ll learn about some good and bad practices we can help you manage, and improve your awareness of some of the murky areas around free speech and consequences that we are monitoring.        

Our faculty experts for this LIVE ON-LINE class are:

  • Frayda Bluestein, David M. Lawrence Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government
  • Shannon Tufts, Associate Professor of Public Law and Government, and Director of the School of Government’s Center for Public Technology  
1.50 hours

Faculty Coordinators

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David M. Lawrence Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government
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Associate Professor of Public Law and Government and Director, Center for Public Technology
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Faculty Coordinator

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Program Manager, Leadership Group
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Faculty Coordinator

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Manager of Elected Official Programming, Center for Public Leadership and Governance
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