In re Greene, 152 N.C. App. 410, 568 S.E.2d 634 (2002)

Brief discussion upholding the trial court's exclusion from evidence of certain documentation in DSS records under G.S. 7B-2901.
"... respondent requested the trial court grant her access to certain documentation in DSS' records. After hearing arguments from both parties, the court did an in camera inspection of every page of the records. Once the court completed its review, it turned over only those documents that were deemed relevant and material, sealing the remainder for appellate review. We have reviewed these sealed documents and find that many of them simply reiterate the findings of fact made by the court based on other evidence or testimony provided during the hearing. Any new information noted in the documents does not negate the multitude of findings supporting termination of respondent's parental rights or cause this Court to question the trial court's decision that termination was in the child's best interests. Thus, we conclude that the documents excluded by the court shed no light on respondent's ability to care for and retain her parental rights with respect to the minor child.... the trial court did not commit reversible error by excluding certain documentation from evidence that respondent’s counsel deemed relevant to the case."

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