G.S. 48-9-103

An agency that placed a child for adoption (or the state Division of Social Services) must provide, upon request, any background information transmitted under G.S. 48-3-205 and any additional nonidentifying health related information about the adoptee’s original family that was submitted to the agency, court, or division to an adoptive parent, an adoptee who is an adult at the time of the request, a minor adoptee who is a parent or an expectant parent, or the treating physician of a minor adoptee who is seeking medical treatment without the consent of the adoptee’s parent or guardian. 
Information disclosed under this section must be edited to exclude any information that could reasonably be expected to lead directly or indirectly to the identity of the adoptee or the adoptee's birth family and must refer to the confidentiality restrictions imposed by the state adoption law. 
An agency may disclose, on request, nonidentifying background information about the adoptee’s present circumstances to the former parent, adult sibling, or guardian of a minor sibling of the adoptee.
An individual denied access has right to petition clerk of original jurisdiction.

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