County and Municipal Government in North Carolina, Second Edition, 2014 (eBook)

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest (PDF Format)

Chapter number: 7
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County and Municipal Government in North Carolina

Ethics in Government: Why It’s Important / 115

I. Requirements for Local Elected Officials / 116
Ethics Education Requirement / 116
Local Codes of Ethics / 116
Censuring Board Members / 117
II. Conflicts of Interest in Voting / 117
The Duty to Vote / 117
What Constitutes Financial Interest / 118
Number of People Affected / 119
Extent of the Financial Interest (Benefit or Detriment) / 119
Likelihood That the Financial Impact Will Actually Occur / 119
III. Conflicts of Interest in Contracting / 119
Contracts for Personal Benefit / 119
Gifts and Favors / 121
Misuse of Confidential Information / 122
IV. Conflicts of Interest for Specific Categories
of Officials and Public Employees / 122
Building Inspectors / 122
Project Designers / 122
Public Hospital Officials and Employees / 123
Local Management Entity (LME) Board Members / 123
Housing Authorities / 123
V. Conflicts of Interest Applicable to
Federal Grant Funds / 123
Additional Resources / 124
About the Authors / 124

Public Officials - Local and State Government Roles
Topics - Local and State Government