Parking Alert: South Road Construction

Partial road barriers have been placed at the intersection of South Road and Country Club Road due to a summer construction project. The School’s parking deck is open and accessible from South Road for the duration of the project by driving between the two barriers and entering the parking gate immediately on the left.

Wicked Problems: What Can Local Governments Do?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Local government leaders face a variety of problems in doing the work of local government and must use different approaches and resources to act in the best interest of their communities. Some issues are difficult to solve, and their root causes are often obscure and can remain untreated. These persistent challenges are “wicked” problems, and they can threaten the vitality of communities. Local governments are well positioned to play a leading role in coordinating the efforts of businesses, nonprofits, citizen groups, and other governments to help maximize resources and take meaningful actions to tackle these issues. This guidebook aims to equip local government leaders with tools to develop new approaches for identifying, understanding, and addressing wicked problems.

See the Local Government Board Builders Series webpage for other books in the series and related School of Government publications.


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Thursday, October 9, 2014
Eric M. Reese
Maureen M. Berner
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