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92 Consent to Care for Minor Patients: An Update on the Legal Landscape After S.L. 2023-106, Part III Kirsten Leloudis 2024

Last August, following a legislative override of a veto by the governor, the General Assembly passed Session Law 2023-106.

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91 Immunizations for Children and Adolescents: Frequently Asked Questions about North Carolina's Laws Jill D. Moore 2009

This bulletin uses a question and answer format to provide guidance about several current issues in the application of North Carolina’s childhood and adolescent immunization laws.

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90 Smoking in Public Places: Recent Changes in State Law Aimee N. Wall 2009

This bulletin discusses the history of the evolution of smoking laws in North Carolina, the smoking prohibitions that apply now and after new legislation goes into effect, and the expanded authorit

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88 Frequently Asked Questions: Local Regulation of Private Drinking Water Wells Aimee N. Wall 2008

In 2006, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation directing the Environmental Management Commission to adopt rules for local health departments governing the permitting, inspection, s

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86 Environmental Health Specialist Liability: What Will Happen if a Specialist is Sued for Negligence? Aimee N. Wall 2007

Environmental health specialists often are concerned about the prospect of being sued by a person who is disgruntled about a permit application denial, permit suspension or revocation, or other neg

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85 2006 Legislation Affecting Environmental Health Aimee N. Wall 2006

This Bulletin summarizes legislation enacted by the 2006 North Carolina General Assembly in key fields of environmental health practice, including drinking water, on-site wastewater, food and lodgi

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84 The North Carolina Public Health System's Isolation and Quarantine Authority Jill D. Moore 2006

Defines isolation and quarantine authority and explains how it is used and enforced in North Carolina.

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83 2005 Legislation Affecting Public Health Jill D. Moore 2006

During the 2005 legislative session, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted more than sixty bill and budget special provisions affecting public health, government health insurance, health care

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82 Responding to Subpoenas for Health Department Records John Rubin, Aimee N. Wall 2005

Discusses conflicting obligations of a health department and its employees when responding to a subpoena's commands, balancing their duty to protect confidential information against their duty to r

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81 The Rulemaking Authority of North Carolina Local Boards of Health Aimee N. Wall 2003

Summarizes the statutory rulemaking authority of local boards of health as well as the judicially-imposed limitations placed on that authority.

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80 The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Using and Disclosing Health Information for Public Health Purposes Aimee N. Wall 2003

Asks a series of questions intended to assist health care providers and health insurers in evaluating whether a use or disclosure for public health purposes is permitted by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

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78 Responding to Biological Threats: The Public Health System's Communicable Disease Control Authority Jill D. Moore 2001

Reviews the general law of communicable disease control in North Carolina, examines each of the Center for Disease Control's Category A (biological) agents, and analyzes in greater detail how the c

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