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Update to Book, Law of Sentencing, Probation, & Parole in NC

Friday, January 1, 1999

The book Law of Sentencing, Probation, and Parole in North Carolina, Second Edition 1997, by Stevens H. Clarke, was published in October 1997. It covered relevant court decisions through March 1996, as well as legislation through the 1996 General Assembly session. An addendum inserted in the book summarized legislative changes in the 1997 session.

This bulletin supplements the 1997 book. It covers the 1997 legislation summarized in the addendum to the book as well as legislation during the 1998 session. It also summarizes relevant decisions since March 1996 by the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The information is organized under the appropriate titles of the book’s chapters, with references to relevant page numbers. The abbreviation “FSA” refers to the Fair Sentencing Act and “SSA” to the Structured Sentencing Act (called “SSL” in the book).

Like the 1997 book, this bulletin does not cover capital punishment. For information on that subject, please see the School of Government book North Carolina Capital Case Law Handbook, by Jeffrey B. Welty.

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