County Salaries in North Carolina, 2022

Monday, May 23, 2022

County Salaries in North Carolina is a self-reported data repository of county salaries, sponsored by the School of Government. North Carolina counties volunteer to provide this information to benefit other public organizations and the general public. For questions about a particular county’s salary data, please contact that county’s human resources department.

This report is a downloadable file in Excel format containing salary and wage profiles by position that participating counties are offering for the 2021-2022 fiscal year (based on September 1, 2021 salary levels). This year, we are presenting the salary data and benefits data as separate sheets, so that the datasets can be appended to rather than overwritten in future iterations. The salary sheet also includes salaries (as well as select demographic information like population, tax valuation, etc.) from 2018 in order to allow for longitudinal analysis. The new format allows for easier filtering and sorting and will make it easier to analyze the data in external software programs.

The benefits spreadsheet retains its format from prior years and contains the benefits data for all counties.

There is also a spreadsheet containing information about county attorneys.

Except for hourly salaries, salary amounts have been rounded to the nearest dollar and are expressed in annual amounts unless otherwise noted.

Download (xlsx, 1.65 MB)