Stormwater Programs (stormwater)

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What is this listserv (stormwater) specifically for?
The main goal of the stormwater listserv is to provide financial, administrative, and management assistance to individuals and organizations involved with managing stormwater programs.

Who is it for?
This listserv is designed to primarily serve stormwater utility management staff, local government staff with significant stormwater management responsibility (finance directors, planners, city/county managers), technical assistance providers, and funding agencies. Participation is open to anyone. Most of the participants are professionals working in the state of North Carolina.

Is this listserv moderated?
No one approves the messages before they are sent out to members. However, persons who disobey the rules and expectations explicitly or implicitly set for this listserv may be removed without warning. For example, spammers or persons who advertise commercial products will be removed.

How can I post a message to the listserv?
Send your email to Your message will then be sent out via e-mail to all other members.

What information can/cannot be shared on the listserv?
Questions about how other utilities are dealing with specific situations and similar requests for information, passing along articles and websites to explore, and other information exchange are welcome and are likewise a critical function for the group. If you ask for information and receive many responses, it would be appreciated if you could compile the responses and post the results back to the listserv so that others will not have to ask the same question later.

Since the listserv is hosted and managed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a public institution, all listservs are open to be viewed by any visitor. Anything you post to the listserv is considered a public document and can be viewed by the public at

Commercial advertising, junk mail and political endorsements should NOT be posted to this listserv. In the unlikely event a member fails to observe these standards, they are subject to be removed from the listserv. Those making posts and responding to posts are also encouraged to remember that your postings to the list go to all members, and are viewable by the public. Consider sending an individual message when you have a personal message to send.

How can I search archived messages?
Go to and click on Search in the bar on the left, and then type in your keyword. If you wish to search on more than a single keyword, click on "advanced search" and enclose your keywords in quotations like you would in a web search engine.

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