Selected Resources

Building from the initial list in the report, Civic Technology: Open Data and Citizen Volunteers as a Resource for North Carolina Local Governments, I will provide periodic updates.


The following documents, organizations, and news and communication sites have been selected with three criteria in mind:

  • They provide resources for local government officials as they explore the field and identify applications or information most relevant to their public involvement and program efficiency interests.
  • They promote ongoing communication channels among civic tech advocates, users, and skeptics.
  • They provide either a general overview of concepts and activities or more detailed information on implementation programs and strategies.


Comprehensive View: The Civic Tech Landscape

Civic Tech Field Guide: 


Code for America:

Brigade list: https://www.codeforamerica.org/join-us/volunteer-with-us/list-of-all-brigades
Blog: https://medium.com/code-for-america
Catalogue of projects: http://brigade.codeforamerica.org/brigade/projects

Guides and Analysis

Sunlight Foundation:

A Guide to Tactical Data Engagement: https://sunlightfoundation.com/2017/09/19/introducing-a-guide-to-tactical-data-engagement/
Open Data Policy Guidelines: https://sunlightfoundation.com/opendataguidelines/
mySociety (United Kingdom)
Measuring the Impacts of Civic Technology: - https://www.mysociety.org/our-research/
Annual International Conference: The Impacts of Civic Technology (TICTeC): http://tictec.mysociety.org/
Using a local government open data portal—Video Guides (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada): https://data.edmonton.ca/videos#sorting-datasets

Reporting of News and Events

Medium.com, Civic Technology: https://medium.com/search?q=civic%20technology
Civic Hall, Civicist blog: https://civichall.org/civicist/
The GovLab offers weekly compilations of tech-related open government innovation: http://www.thegovlab.org/
City of Asheville (NC) Information Technology Services Department blog https://digitalsimplicity.io [AU: check link]
Twitter: search using hashtags #civictech, #opendata, and #OpenDataDay2017

Selected Books, Guides, and Articles

Frecks, Lora. “Civic Hacking: Citizens Creating New Digital Government Interfaces.” In Routledge Handbook on Information Technology in Government. Edited by Yu-Che Chen and Michael J. Ahn. New York: Routledge Press, 2017.
Headd, Mark. How to Talk to Civic Hackers. GitBook, https://www.civichacking.guide/, 2016.
Hibbets, Jason. The Foundation for an Open Source City. Raleigh, NC: Lulu, 2013. Available at www.theopensourcecity.com.
McCann, Laurenellen. Experimental Modes of Civic Engagement in Civic Tech. Edited by Daniel X. O’Neil. Chicago, IL: The Smart Chicago Collaborative, http://www.smartchicagocollaborative.org/work/special-initiatives/deep-dive/experimental-modes-of-civic-engagement-in-civic-tech/, 2015.
Sifry, Micah, and Jessica McKenzie, eds. A Lever and a Place to Stand: How Civic Tech Can Move the World. New York: Personal Democracy Media, 2015. https://civichall.org/books/lever/.
Stephens, John. “Local Government That Clicks: Free Apps + Skilled Civic Tech Volunteers.” Public Management 98 (4): 16-19. https://icma.org/articles/local-government-clicks. 2016.[AU: is this cite correct?]
Whitaker, Christopher. The @CivicWhitaker Anthology. Edited by Daniel O’Neil. Chicago: The Smart Chicago Collaborative,  https://www.slideshare.net/smartchicago/the-civicwhitaker-anthology-53351581, 2015.