E-Book version of 'Reporting Child Abuse in North Carolina'

This book is a useful reference for school personnel; mental health professionals; medical personnel; law enforcement officials; child care providers; and social workers. However, information in the book is important for everyone in North Carolina, because the reporting law discussed in this publication applies to everyone in the state.

The purposes of the book are

  • to help readers understand when they are required to make reports;
  • to explain how to make a report—both when the law requires that a report be made and when, even though a report is not required legally, a person feels that one should be made;
  • to describe what happens after someone makes a report;
  • to answer some of the questions people ask frequently about the reporting law; and
  • to provide broader access to the exact wording of the reporting law and related statutes.

The book reflects changes to the North Carolina Juvenile Code through the 2013 session of the North Carolina General Assembly. It also contains a 2016 supplemental chapter (Part 4A, chapter 13A) that reflects a significant change in the law regarding children who are suspected of being maltreated in a child care facility.

A grant from the Governor’s Crime Commission of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety provided financial support for the production and distribution of this book, and hard copies have been distributed to agencies across the state. The hard copy edition is no longer available. The electronic editions offered below are available at no charge.


Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in North Carolina, Third Edition, 2013, with 2016 Supplemental Chapter, by Janet Mason and Sara DePasquale (E-book for Kindle Devices)
192 pages. ISBN 1-56011-834-3

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in North Carolina, Third Edition, 2013, with 2016 Supplemental Chapter, by Janet Mason and Sara DePasquale (E-book for Nook, iBook, iPad, Sony [not Kindle] Devices)
192 pages. ISBN 1-56011-835-0

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