Diane Juffras is the School of Government faculty member specializing in public employment law. The following is a list of articles and book chapters by Diane Juffras that may help you understand particular aspects of employment law applicable to North Carolina government employers.

Drug Testing

Safety Versus Privacy: When May a Public Employer Require a Drug Test, Winter 2003)(as of September 2011, this bulletin is still current)

USERRA and Military Leave

Public Personnel Law Bulletin #25: Obligations of North Carolina Public Employers During a Military Mobilization

Recruitment and Selection

Public Employment Law Bulletin #38: Using the Internet to Conduct Background Checks on Applicants for Employment

Chapters from Diane Juffras's book, Recruitment and Selection Law for Local Government Employers (available for purchase online from the School of Government bookstore here)

1.   An Overview of the Laws Governing Recruitment and Selection

2.   Discrimination Law in the Recruitment and Selection Context

3.   Defining and Advertising the Job

4.   Personnel Policies Related to Recruitment and Selection

5.   Lawful and Unlawful Questions: Applications and Interviewing

6.   Testing of Applicants and Candidates for Promotion: Written Examinations

7.   Testing of Applicants and Candidates for Promotion: Physical Ability Tests and Assessment Centers

8.   Background Investigations of Applicants for Employment: Criminal Records, Credit History, Reference, and Internet Checks

9.   Hiring Employees versus Engaging Independent Contractors

10. Applicant Records: Confidentiality and Retention 

Employee Benefits Law

Public Employment Law Bulletin #41United States v. Windsor and Its Effect on North Carolina Local Government Employee Benefits

Public Employment Law Bulletin #40: Employee Wellness Programs after January 1, 2014: HIPAA Nondiscrimination Rules Change, But ADA, GINA, and N.C. Law Remain the Same

Public Employment Law Bulletin #39: Amendment One, North Carolina Public Employers, and Domestic Partner Benefits 

Public Employment Law Bulletin #37: May North Carolina Local Government Employers Offer Domestic Partner Benefits?

Public Employment Law Bulletin #34: Coordinating Retiree Health Benefits with Medicare: The EEOC Issues Its Long-Delayed Final Rule

Public Employment Law Bulletin #33: Early Retirement Incentive Programs: Are They Legal for North Carolina Public Employers?

Public Employment Law Bulletin #30: When Can a Public Employer Reduce Employee Benefits?

Chapters from Diane Juffras's book, Employee Benefits Law for North Carolina Local Government Employers (available for purchase online from the School of Government bookstore; link to detailed Table of Contents here:

  1. Introduction to the Law of Benefits for North Carolina Local Government Employers
  2. Retirement Benefits Employer-Provided Health Insurance
  3. Health Conditions and Health Insurance: Applying Antidiscrimination Laws
  4. Retiree Health Benefits and Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 45
  5. Other Insurance and Insurance-Related Benefits
  6. Benefits Required by the General Statutes
  7. Extra-Pay Benefits
  8. Leave Benefits