Faculty Member Anita Brown-Graham Advises Statewide Educational Attainment Initiative

On Friday, June 15, School of Government faculty member and ncIMPACT Director Anita Brown-Graham presented her research on workforce development to the myFutureNC Commission, a statewide initiative on educational attainment. UNC System President Margaret Spellings serves as co-chair of the Commission along with Dale Jenkins, chief executive officer of Medical Mutual Holdings, Inc., and Andrea Smith, chief administrative officer of Bank of America.

Vinroot and Brown-Graham Selected as Influencers in McClatchy News Series

In June 2018, Sara Glines, the publisher of the News & Observer announced the North Carolina Influencer Series as coverage of the 2018 election.

Faculty Member Willow Jacobson Publishes Article on HR Policy Development

Faculty member Willow S. Jacobson analyzes the development of internal human resources policies in her latest publication, The Development of County HR Policies: The Perspectives of Counties in Two States. Alongside Kristina Lambright of Binghamton University, Jacobson conducted interviews with 40 county HR directors from New York and North Carolina.

Strategic Planning: What Difference Does It Make? A Snapshot of Experience in North Carolina

This bulletin reports findings of a 2017 School of Government survey of all municipal and county managers and elected officials in North Carolina. It discerns their views on the importance of strategic planning and determines what difference, if any, it has made in their roles and relationships. Also included are quotes by local officials who agreed to follow-up interviews.

Leadership Principles Using A 360 Review

Leadership is not about the title, position, or rank.  Leadership is about what you do. How well do you know yourself as a leader?  How do others view you?  What behaviors can you adopt so that your leadership style synchs with what we most admire in our leaders?

Social Media Strategies II-Beyond the Basics

If you are a local government professional who is actively managing your town/county social media accounts, this program is for you. 

Now that you’ve established a social media presence, how do you get the most from it? How can you use Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to inform and engage your community?

Building Positive Leadership Strategies

Too often, the public discourse seems to portray our world in absolute statements: black or white, right or wrong, either/or, you or me.  We approach challenging situations as deficits—not enough of this, no resources for that, blame for what went wrong.  This frame sets up a polarizing dynamic that leaves little opportunity for the discovery of common ground.

Introduction to Program Evaluation

This course, offered in a one day session, is scheduled in conjunction with the NCLGBA Summer Conference in Atlantic Beach. This course provides training on evaluating public services and programs. At the end of the course, participants will understand and be able to describe program evaluation, and how it fits with budget planning and implementation.

Effective Supervisory Management Program

Supervisors in local government today face unique and complex challenges when working with others and serving their communities. This program provides newly promoted and veteran local government supervisors and front-line managers with the opportunity to better understand and practice basic supervision skills.

 You will have the opportunity to: