Adverse Weather Alert for Dec. 10–13

The following courses have been cancelled due to inclement weather:

North Carolina Sentencing Handbook with Felony, Misdemeanor, and DWI Sentencing Grids, 2017-2018

This book is a step-by-step guide to the sentencing of felonies, misdemeanors, and impaired driving in North Carolina. It includes the felony and misdemeanor sentencing grids that apply under Structured Sentencing and a table showing the different sentencing levels for DWI. The book also includes materials on diversion programs (deferred prosecution and conditional discharge), probation supervision, fines and fees, and sex offender registration.

REVISED - Special Meeting Notice: Tuesday, December 11

The Social Services Working Group (SSWG) will meet on Tuesday, December 11 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. via conference call. The SSWG will review and revise the Stage Two draft report and may vote on the final report.  Members of the public are welcome to join the call. 

Location: Call-in instructions will be posted here before the meeting.    

Inclement Weather Contingency Plan:  In the case of inclement weather, the meeting may be held via webinar. Updates will be posted here as they are available. 

2018 Cumulative Supplement to Arrest, Search, and Investigation

This supplement updates Arrest, Search, and Investigation in North Carolina, Fifth Edition, 2016, written by former School of Government faculty member Robert L. Farb. The 2016 main volume includes case law through June 2016 and statutory law through the 2016 legislative session. This supplement includes recent cases from the United States Supreme Court and from North Carolina’s appellate courts, and North Carolina legislation.

Hey Prosecutors: There’s an App for That

Suppose you are a prosecutor and you want to subpoena a witness from another state to testify at an upcoming trial. How might you go about doing that? What forms do you use? Do you need some sort of certificate from a judge?

School of Government Partners with Volcker Alliance on Government/University Initiative

The UNC School of Government and the New York City-based Volcker Alliance have partnered on the Government-to-University (G2U) Initiative, which focuses on building connections between government and universities to strengthen alignment on recruitment, skills development, and research.

Brian Dabson Published Book Chapter on Workforce Development in Rural Communities

Brian Dabson, a research fellow at the UNC School of Government, contributed a chapter on workforce development in rural communities in a forthcoming book titled, Investing in America’s Workforce: Improving Outcomes for Workers and Employers. A copy of Dabson’s chapter can be downloaded for free at

Strategic Planning for Government Professionals - Bringing Your Plan to Life

“Good luck is the result of good planning,” reads the fortune inside the Chinese cookie.  Being clear on where you want to head and how you will get there is key to positioning yourself and your organization for success.


Facilitation Skills for Successful Meetings

Lack of consensus. A few people dominate the discussion. Lots of idea, but no clear decisions made. There has to be a better way.

We’ve all left meetings that we don’t feel were the best use of our time. So what separates a good meeting from a bad one? Learning the skills of group facilitation will enable you to offer helpful guidance and improve the meeting process and outcome.

Essentials of Economic Development

Does your community have the ingredients to stimulate investment and to create jobs and wealth in an uncertain economy?

This one-day workshop covers promising strategies and tools for promoting economic development in the face of tight budgets and tough economic conditions.



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