Facilitation Skills for Successful Meetings

Lack of consensus. A few people dominate the discussion. Lots of idea, but no clear decisions made. There has to be a better way.

We’ve all left meetings that we don’t feel were the best use of our time. So what separates a good meeting from a bad one? Learning the skills of group facilitation will enable you to offer helpful guidance and improve the meeting process and outcome.

North Carolina Emergency Management

The NC Emergency Management microsite provides information for North Carolina emergency managers and those interested in emergency management in North Carolina.

Legislative Reporting Service Daily Bulletin Online

Since 1935, the Legislative Reporting Service (LRS) has produced the Daily Bulletin and other publications to inform government officials and citizens about the status and content of North Carolina legislation. The Legislative Reporting Service website  (LRS) provides immediate access to the daily business of the North Carolina General Assembly. This robust online tool replaces the School’s traditional Daily Bulletin.