School Law Bulletin #2004/05

School Cyberlaw Part III: Cybersystems: School Operations and Other General Issues

Thursday, April 1, 2004

In theory, the technology that now automates many adminis- trative tasks allows schools to operate more efficiently and, as a result, improve students’ education. Yet, as technology use in schools proliferates, so, too, do the laws governing its use and, ironically, the administrative burdens they impose. The com- ment quoted above reminds us that people, not computers, are the heart and soul of a school system and must decide how best to use (or not use) technology. To make effective decisions about technology use, school administrators must understand the legal and practical implications associated with it. This article, the third and last of the series, addresses the general school operations, structures, and policies associated with managing school systems successfully by using technology. Specific topics treated include state sunshine laws and record retention requirements, school system telecommunica- tions (the eRate), electronic reporting, services and procurement, technology education and planning, digital copyright, and acceptable use policies.

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