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How do I update my web bio or get a headshot?

All of the School’s web profile pages are professionally edited; we also do our best to feature professional head shots. Andy Bradshaw can help you draft, edit, and refine your web bio so it’s consistent with others at the School, it doesn’t reveal any private information, it contains key words, and maximizes your professionalism. Our team can also help you schedule a time to have a new head shot taken. Contact Andy to get started.

May I have some School of Government-branded items to give away?

The School of Government stocks an array of branded items to give away to clients, students, employees, and other friends of the School. We do not sell any merchandise. For more information, to learn what we carry, and to create custom items, contact Cat Schmidt.

I have information I'd like to share with clients/students/employees. Can you help me?

We manage a robust email marketing system featuring regularly scheduled and targeted campaigns, totaling approximately 300 emails sent each year to the School’s constituents. We would be happy to share your information, and Cat Schmidt can help you figure out the best way to get it to your target audience.

Can I hire a photographer for my event or a videographer for a special project?

We mostly focus on bringing in professional photographers for photo and video-worthy events, and there is a cost associated with that. We do have in-house video resources and limited photography resources available for School projects. Reach out to our team to explore your options and find out what fits your project.

Can you help me start a social media account?

We would be happy to help you assess whether social media will help you achieve your communication goals. Contact Andy Bradshaw to learn more.

I have to deliver a high-stakes presentation. Can you help me?

Definitely. We can point you to PowerPoint templates and free stock images, we can help you refine your messages, and we can edit and practice your slides with you. Contact Sonja Matanovic for help.

How do I invite the media to my event?

We keep a list of statewide members of the media who write about the School, and we partner with University Communications’ media relations team. Email Andy Bradshaw for support.

I have a story idea or need a press release written. Who can help me?

Our team supports storytelling efforts for the School and can help generate creative content that shares your work. Email Katie Geith or Andy Bradshaw to discuss your ideas.

I need some support, but I’m not sure where to begin. Can you help me?

Let’s get together and come up with some goals; we can layer a communication strategy on top if that’s helpful. And later, we’ll assess it to see if you achieved what you set out to do. A good person to start with is Sarah Mye.