City and County Elective Offices

What Do North Carolina Cities and Counties Do?

Law Enforcement xx 
Jails xx 
Medical Examiner x  
Courts x  
Fire Protectionx x 
Streets  x 
Waterx x 
Sewerx x 
Solid Waste Collectionx x 
Solid Waste Disposalx x 
Land Use Regulationx x 
Building Code Enforcing x x
Public Schools x  
Community Collegesx   
Librariesx x 
Social Services xx 
Public Health xx 
Mental Health xx 
Hospitalsx x 
Deed Registration x  
Election Administration x  
Parks and Recreationx x 
Tax Assessment x  
Tax Collectionx x 


[Chart created by David M. Lawrence, retired School of Government faculty member.]

Public Officials - Local and State Government Roles