Administrative Orders:

Additional administrative orders are available from the Administrative Office of the Courts at this link under the entry for County Announcements and Administrative Orders.

Remote Proceedings in Criminal Law Cases:

The sample colloquy and form below were developed by School of Government faculty and the Office of General Counsel for the Administrative Office of the Courts. Both documents are written to apply generically to all types of remote criminal proceedings in which a defendant has the right to be present. While the colloquy addresses all of the necessary items that we identified, variations from this language may be appropriate for certain types of proceedings and circumstances.

Colloquy for Waiving Right to Personal Appearance in a Criminal Proceeding

Waiver of Personal Appearance and Consent to A-V Proceeding

Local Forms in Civil and Criminal Cases:

Compiled here are locally-developed colloquies and forms that may be of interest.

Wake County District Court Announcement Before Webex Remote Hearing

Wake County Protocol for Family Court Webex Hearings

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On the Civil Side Blog Posts:

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