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Counties and cities interact with a large number of state agencies in connection with a wide variety of services. The State of North Carolina Website providess online access to every state agency as well as news and information about state programs and policies.

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NC State Legislature

Laws of North Carolina, known as statutes, are made by the General Assembly. The North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) is made of two bodies or houses: the Senate, which has 50 members; and the House of Representatives, which consists of 120 members. The General Assembly meets in regular session beginning in January of each odd-numbered year, and adjourns to reconvene (usually in May) the following even-numbered year for a shorter session.

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NC State Courts

North Carolina has a unified system of state courts. There are no local courts in this state, although each county maintains a courthouse. The voters in each county elect a clerk of court, although this is a state office, rather than an office of county government. In fact, most court personnel are state employees in North Carolina, although counties provide the bailiffs or other security personnel.

Elections in NC

In North Carolina, county elections are held in even-numbered years, along with elections for state and federal offices. Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years. County elections are partisan. Most municipal elections are nonpartisan.

  • For information on North Carolina election laws and procedures see Article 23: Elections, in the School of Government publication, County and Municipal Government in North Carolina.
  • Current information about the State Board of Elections and county boards of elections is available here.

NC Regional Councils

State and Federal Legislators

Citizen Participation and Interorganizational Partnerships in NC

Institute for Emerging Issues

The Institute for Emerging Issues is a think-and-do tank affiliated with North Carolina State University. The Institute is a catalyst for innovative public policy through research, ideas, debate, and action that encourages civic leadership in business, government, and higher education.

The Institute frames future challenges for North Carolina by identifying and researching emerging issues, specifically around topics that relate to the state’s growth and economic development. The Institute then brings together new combinations of leadership to debate and refine ideas that meet the demands of emerging issues. Finally, the Institute mobilizes and supports champions through programs of work that turn ideas into action.

North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the goals of a better-informed public and more effective, accountable, and responsive government. The Center identifies public policy issues facing North Carolina and enriches the dialogue among citizens, the media, and policymakers. Based on its research, the Center makes recommendations for improving the way government serves the people of this state. In all its efforts, the Center values reliable and objective research as a basis for analyzing public policy, independence from partisan bias and political ideology, the richness of the states diverse population, and a belief in the importance of citizen involvement in public life.

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