Employment Law for Department Heads and Supervisors

Employment Law for Department Heads and Supervisors

Everyone knows that department heads and supervisors are the employer’s front line for seeing that the work gets done. But they are also the employer’s front line in carrying out the law of employment. Ideally, their actions should serve the lawful interest of the employer and its employees. But when they act improperly they can bring legal trouble for the employer, and even for themselves, In this two-day course, we will separate the proper from the improper in the dizzying array of federal and state employment laws. We’ll give department heads and supervisors the information they need to:

• effectively and lawfully discipline and discharge employees
• comply with overtime law
• respond to requests for leave under the FMLA, ADA and workers comp
• prevent unlawful harassment
• comply with constitutional limits on drug testing
• draw the line on employee use and abuse of social media.

Employment Law for Deparment Heads and Supervisors 2024 Agenda 



1. Human resources professionals and attorneys are not eligible to take this course.**

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