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Human Capital Matters Webinar Series

January, 2014

Human Capital Matters

This webinar on-demand series features experts speaking on a range of human capital management issues relevant to local government.


(1)  The FIVE on-demand webinars may be purchased as a series of five for $300 (a savings of $325).  TO PURCHASE THE SERIES OF FIVE, CLICK THE PURCHASE BUTTON ABOVE, and then follow the directions.  Once you have purchased the series, you will receive five emails, one for each webinar, each of which will contain the link for the on-demand webinar listed in the email.  The link may be shared within your organization, and the webinars may be viewed by groups or individuals.


(2) You may purchase any of the on-demand webinars (listed below) individually for $125 each. 


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Succession Planning for Local Government Organizations

"Workforce planning is the most critical human resource management challenge in the public sector today." (IPMA 2002). This presentation will address this critical challenge through a discussion of the need for workforce planning including a presentation of the basic steps and stages of the planning process.

The presentation will draw on examples of what is occurring in public organizations, specifically an overview of the current state of workforce planning in North Carolina to provide highlights of the variations in practice as well as needed next steps.

Teresa Lockamy, formerly with the City of Greensboro, NC, will explore the evolution of Greensboro's succession planning strategies over several years, highlighting lessons learned, specific tools implemented, and program results. Willow Jacobson, School of Government, will discuss research and promising practices on succession planning in local government.

This program will benefit local governments seeking guidance on how to implement succession planning within their organizations.

Effective Disciplinary Procedures

Employee discipline in public organizations should be rare, but effective when it has to take place. HR veterans Drake Maynard and Becky Veazey will talk about the most effective approaches to employee discipline, including the role of employees in identifying their own improvements, the need for clear, written disciplinary procedures, and how supervisors can facilitate difficult conversations. Drake Maynard is the former director of the Employee Relations Division at the NC Office of State Personnel and president of DMHRServices, LLC; Becky Veazey is the former human resource director with the Town of Cary and current president of the MAPS Group.

Value-Based Customer Service, Webinar On-Demand

A Value-Based Approach to Customer Service, featuring Town of Chapel Hill Ombuds Jim Huegerich and Faith Thompson, will discuss how local governments can develop a uniform approach to defining, evaluating and prioritizing customer experiences as they relate to the organization.  Elements of customer service to be covered include:

  • Developing a "culture plan" to complement the organization's strategic plan
  • Crafting strategies to encourage employees to make the connection between personal and core organizational values
  • Improving morale so that employees want to provide effective customer service
  • Creating multi-dimensional initiatives to link organizational values to customer service with employee engagement and overall organizational wellness.
Diversity & Inclusion: Successfully Leveraging Differences (Webinar On-Demand)

The U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse in gender, age, race and ethnicity of employees. This Human Capital Matters webinar will focus on how to leverage these demographic characteristics to create more productive and effective workplaces. Richard Regan, a diversity and inclusion trainer from Kensington, MD, will lead the webinar, designed to help local government managers understand common diversity dynamics in the workplace and provide practical advice for creating inclusive workplaces.

Human Capital Matters Webinar - Employee Performance Evaluation 101

Employee performance evaluation is one of the least understood -- and most dreaded -- tasks of supervision. This SOG Human Capital Matters Webinar seeks to take the mystery and angst out of performance evaluation. We will talk fundamentals of an effective system, approaches to creating a credible process, and ways to have (and not have) performance evaluation conversations. MAPS President Rebecca Veazey will present, along with SOG faculty member Leisha DeHart-Davis. This session will be useful to local governments seeking to create or improve employee performance evaluation processes.

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