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G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3) State statute

A county social services board or other public body subject to the state’s open meetings law may hold a closed session to consult with an attorney employed or retained by the public body in order t

G.S. 131D-32 State statute

A county adult care home advisory committee may not disclose the identity of a complainant or the identity of a resident involved in a complaint except as permitted under the federal Older American

G.S. 131E-144.3(5) State statute

A client of a home care agency has the right to "have his or her personal and medical records kept confidential and not be disclosed except as permitted or required by applicable State or fed

ACF Confidentiality Toolkit (June 2014) Federal guidance

Resource collecting and summarizing federal confidentiality laws applicable to social services programs. 

GS 131D-10.6C State statute

Requires the state Division of Social Services to maintain a register of all licensed family foster and therapeutic foster homes. The register must include:

US DHHS Memorandum, TANF and Child Welfare Data Sharing (Sept. 2015) Federal guidance

Information memorandum encouraging information sharing between agencies administering TANF and child welfare programs.


IRS Publication 1075 Federal guidance

Detailed guidance regarding confidentiality and security of Federal Tax Information (FTI).

10A N.C.A.C. 23H .0101 et seq. State regulation

A county social services department may disclose information concerning an individual who applies for or receives Medicaid

10A NCAC 69 .0303 State regulation

(a) When the director or a delegated representative determines on the basis of the exceptions in Rule .0301 of this Subchapter to withhold information from the client record, this reason shall be d

10A NCAC 69 .0304 State regulation

(a) The director or his/her delegated representative shall be present when the client reviews the record.

10A NCAC 69 .0301 State regulation

(a) Confidentiality of information about himself or herself is the right of the client.

10A N.C.A.C. 69 .0202 State regulation

(a) All client information in DSS agency records is property of the agency;
employees must protect and preserve the information as required by the regulations in Title 10A, Chapter 69

Wilkinson v. Riffel, 72 N.C. App. 220, 324 S.E.2d 31 (1985) State case

"We believe the placement of juveniles for adoption is relevant to a determination by the guardian ad litem as to whether the needs of the juveniles are being met. G.S.

In re N.C.L., 89 N.C. App. 79, 365 S.E.2d 213 (1988) State case

"The duty of a guardian ad litem in a juvenile case is to see that the child's interests and needs are being met.