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Jane Doe 1 v. Swannanoa Valley Youth Dev. Ctr., 163 N.C. App. 136, 592 S.E.2d 715 (2004) State case

Recognizing an order of the NC Industrial Commission as a "court order" compelling disclosure of social services records. 

Mosteller v. Stiltner, 221 N.C. App. 486, 727 S.E.2d 601 (2012) State case

Child custody and support action.

In re Spinks, 32 N.C. App. 422, 232 S.E.2d 479 (1977) State case

Addresses opening adoption record or files. Provides detailed discussion of balancing relevant policy interests. 

Wright v. Smith, 177 N.C. App. 289, 628 S.E.2d 259 (2006) State case

Custodians of a child requested copies of DSS records about the child. Court ordered disclosure. 

In re J.L., 199 N.C. App. 605, 685 S.E.2d 11 (2009) State case

Addresses the right of a juvenile or the juvenile's attorney to have access to his or her own records. 

45 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 273 (1976) State guidance

G.S. 108A-80(b) does not allow publication of the list of public assistance recipients in a newspaper because such publication is for a commercial purpose. 

53 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 108 (1984) State guidance

A county social services department may disclose client information to law enforcement agencies investigating fraud related to public assistance or social services programs. 

49 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 61 (1979) State guidance

County social services department may disclose public assistance and social services records to the state DHHS in connection with its evaluation of social services programs. 

N.C. Atty. Gen. Advisory Opinion to Kevin M. Fitzgerald (April 20, 1995) State guidance

Addresses access to records by social services boards.

49 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 198 (1980) State guidance

A county social services department may not disclose information regarding child protective services cases to a community advisory group unless the disclosure is for purposes directly connected wit

47 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 211 (1978) State guidance

Explains that the confidentiality laws governing social services information applied to all DSS records related to child abuse and neglect cases. 

58 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 33 (1988) State guidance

Confidentiality laws that apply to juvenile records do not apply to reports of motor vehicle incidents involving drivers under the age of 18.

N.C. Atty. Gen. Advisory Opinion to Kevin M. Fitzgerald (April 4, 1997) State guidance

Release of child protective services information related to a child fatality. Includes discussion of CAPTA requirements.

48 N.C. Atty. Gen. Op. 85 (1980) State guidance

Addressed disclosure of otherwise confidential personnel information to the parent locator service for the child support enforcement program.