Housing Codes for Repair and Maintenance: Using the General Police Power and Minimum Housing Statutes to Prevent Dwelling Deterioration (PDF Format)

Monday, August 8, 2011
Housing Codes for Repair and Maintenance: Using the General Police Power and Minimum Housing Statutes to Prevent Dwelling Deterioration: Package of Hard Copy and PDF Editions

When a dwelling is permitted to deteriorate - either in its outward appearance or structurally - it can result in serious negative consequences for the surrounding community. This is particularly true in the case of vacant dwellings in various stages of foreclosure. When neighbors are unwilling or unable to convince an owner to make needed repairs, local government officials are sometimes asked to get involved. To that end, this publication explains local government authority in North Carolina to establish and enforce repair-oriented housing codes that require owners to keep dwellings in a state of good repair - before the dwellings become dilapidated. Detailed treatment of the general police power and minimum housing statutes is provided.

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Monday, August 8, 2011
C. Tyler Mulligan
Jennifer L. Ma
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