Creating Their Own Futures: Community Visioning and North Carolina Local Governments
Lydian Altman, Ricardo S. Morse
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Government leaders often want to shape the long-term direction of their communities. How can they do that effectively? A report on visioning processes conducted in Roxboro, Wilkes County, and Wilson County provides lessons on visioning and strategic planning.

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Using Community Vision and Capacity to Direct Economic Change
Anita R. Brown-Graham, Susan Austin
Thursday, April 1, 2004

This article explains that, in addition to helping communities attract external resources, strategic visioning helps build within the community resources that are critical to economic development success. These resources are collectively referred to as “community capacity.”

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From Vision to Reality: Effective Planning by the Governing Board
Kurt Jenne
Wednesday, June 1, 1988

The purpose of this article is to describe a planning process that might help the governing board, in partnership with the manager and staff, to achieve the results it wants. It includes some of the things a board might do to make each step of the process work and reviews the roles that elected officials and administrators might assume in various stages of the process. This planning process will not guarantee good results either; but if it is woven into a fabric of competent administration, teamwork, and communication among elected officials, manager, and staff, it could help the governing board to take actions that support its most important purposes.

Strategic Planning for Elected Officials: Setting Priorities, 2017
Vaughn M. Upshaw, Lydian Altman, Margaret F. Henderson
Monday, February 20, 2017

The term strategic planning describes a process through which people first agree on a desired future and then organize their resources and efforts toward meeting those long-term goals. A strategic plan defines what you want to accomplish for your organization or community and provides a road map for moving forward and staying on track. The authors, as trainers and facilitators, have helped communities of all sizes and varying characteristics work through strategic planning processes. This book is their way of offering those potential benefits to others.


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