Which personnel policies apply to a CHSA?

Employees of consolidated human services agencies are subject to county personnel ordinances and policies.[1] Because the consolidated agency administers certain federal social services programs, the policies must meet federal requirements for a merit personnel system.[2]

[1]G.S. 153A-77(d); see also G.S. 126-5(a)(2) (specifying that an employee of a CHSA created pursuant to G.S. 153A-77(b) is not a local employee who is subject to the State Personnel Act).

[2]5 CFR § 900.601 to .605 (requiring state and local agencies who receive certain federal grants to have merit personnel systems in place that comply with minimum federal requirement); 5 CFR Subpart F, Appendix A (specifying the grant programs subject to that requirement and including several programs for which a CHSA would likely receive federal grant funding, such as foster care and adoption assistance grants, Medicaid, and the program commonly referred to as food stamps).  

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