Ethics Codes and Training Requirements for Local Elected Officials:

For City and Town Councils:

For Boards of County Commissioners:

For Local Boards of Education:

For Consolidated City-County Governing Boards:

For Sanitary District Governing Boards:

Conflicts of Interest Statues For Local Officials and Employees:


§ 14-234. Public officers or employees benefiting from public contracts; exceptions.

§ 14-234.1. Misuse of confidential information.

§ 133-32. Gifts and favors regulated.


Statutes Governing Voting By County and Municipal Governing Board Members:

For County Boards of Commissioners:

§ 153A-44. Members excused from voting.

§ 153A-340. Grant of power.

§ 153A-345. Board of adjustment. 


For City and Town Councils:

§ 160A-75. Voting.

§ 160A-381. Grant of power.

§ 160A-388. Board of adjustment.