Ethics for Local Government Officials

Training Opportunities for Ethics for Local Government Officials

Training Opportunities

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Under North Carolina law, members of governing boards of cities, counties, local boards of education, unified governments, sanitary districts, and consolidated city-counties are required to receive at least two (2) clock hours of ethics training within twelve months after each election or appointment to office. The ethics training requirement is an ongoing obligation, triggered by each subsequent re-election or reappointment to office.

Where can elected officials get the ethics training?

In collaboration with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners and the North Carolina League of Municipalities, the School of Government provides ethics training for city and county governing board members.  School board members receive their training through the North Carolina School Boards Association. Sanitary District board members may participate in city and county programs conducted by the School of Government.

When can elected officials get the ethics training?
The School of Government offers four opportunities for ethics training during the 12 month period following each election cycle:

  • Essentials of City/County Government / Leadershop:  Jan-Feb  (registration opens the previous November immediately following the November general election)
  • Live Webinar:  mid-May (free on-demand webinar with purchase of live webinar)
  • On-Demand Webinar: June-October
  • NCLM or NCACC Fall Conference
How will elected officials learn about ethics training opportunities?
The School of Government will announce dates and locations for ethics training on the clerks listservs during November in the year immediately preceding the annual training cycle.