The Mental Health microsite is designed for people who work with North Carolina’s LMEs. LME stands for local management entity, the local government in North Carolina that is responsible for providing community-based, publicly-funded mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance use disorder services. The Mental Health site is designed for LME board members, directors, employees, attorneys, and providers of services. It is also available to county government officers and employees, consumers of LME services and their family members, as well as students, citizens, and others who want information about North Carolina’s mental health service system.

The confidentiality links on this site address the laws governing patient information relating to mental health, intellecutal and developmental disabilities, and substance use disorder services. These materials are designed for providers of such services, providers of other health care services, the court and juvenile justice systems, as well as departments of social services. Topics include the sharing of information in response to supboenas, court orders, and multiagency consent-to-release forms. 

The involuntary commitment law resources on this site are intended for acute care hospitals and their emergency departments, providers of mental health and substance use disorder services, commitment examiners, law enforcement officers, judicial officials, and inpatient pyschiatric and subsance abuse facilities. 

Below are featured resources. To the right are links to other resources on confidentiality, involuntary commitment, and the public mental health system are listed in the right-hand column of this page.


NC Public Mental Health System--An NCACC Podcast

Part 1-Defining Terminology

Part 2-History

Part 3-Medicaid Transformation


Involuntary Commitment Law--An Online Training Program

Part 1-Commitment Criteria

Part 2-Commitment Procedure


The SUN Project--Interagency Sharing of Confidential Information to Coordinate Care and Treatment for Pregnant Women  

Patient Authorization to Disclose

Parent Authorization to Disclose

Memorandum of Understanding for Interagency Team



North Carolina Juvenile Justice – Behavioral Health Information Sharing Guide

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