NC Public Health Systems Research

Who is on our research team?

Jill D. Moore, MPH, JD, and Maureen Berner, Ph.D. are the Principal Investigators.  Jill is taking the lead on the legal analysis and Maureen is heading up the evaluation component.

Jill's team on the legal analysis includes

Maureen's team on the evaluation component includes

Other team members include Rob Moore and Greg Whisenhunt from SOG's Instructional Support Division, Brad Bednar from SOG's Information Technology Division, Gini Hamilton from SOG's Marketing and Communications Division, and Kevin Justice, Nancy Dooly, and Dan Soileau from SOG's Publications Division.

RWJF team picture

Standing:  Rob Moore, Milissa Markiewicz, Greg Whisenhunt, Lydian Altman, Jill Moore, and Johanna Foster

  Seated: Aimee Wall, Margaret Henderson, Neil Dermody, and Dayne Batten