You might find yourself in a transitional situation at any point in the year.  If you find yourself separated from your position, you can expect to hear from a member of NCCCMA’s Member Support Committee.  You may decide to accept a referral to the Transition Support Program then or at any point thereafter.


A. The NCCCMA’s Member Support Committee makes a referral to the Transition Support program at UNC’s School of Government.  There is no application deadline and referrals are made on a year round basis.


B. The NCCCMA member contacts the School of Government to learn more about the program and the coaches. Contact Lydian Altman, or 919-962-0103.

The School makes a specific coach referral to NCCCMA member from a network of professionally trained and experieinced coaches who provide results-based coaching to government agencies in North Carolina. These coaches understand the public sector, have a passion for good government, and have experience in results that add value for clients and the organizations and communities they serve.


C. The coach and client connect for a 30 minute ‘chemistry’ session, during which they will:

  • review the basics of a coaching relationship and answer any questions the client has;  
  • possibly engage in a short coaching session and a brief discussion on how each felt about the session;
  • decide how to proceed (move forward together, allow either client or coach time to consider the potential relationship, or either party can decide that the member may try another coach); and
  • set a timeframe for the next steps.


D. The program start date, which is established by mutual agreement, can begin as early as a week from the date of your first contact with the Member Support Committee.