Mission. The mission of the North Carolina Judicial College is to provide effective learning-centered education and training to judicial branch personnel to develop the abilities and values necessary to provide justice. The Judicial College offers programs for judges, magistrates, and clerks of court. The work of the Judicial College encompasses both training for new officials and continuing education, includes both live and online courses, and extends beyond legal education to include leadership and other topics important to judicial officials. The Judicial College works together with the Administrative Office of the Courts and other partners to provide this education and training.

History. The UNC School of Government has worked with court officials since the 1930s. The Judicial College has been a part of the School only since it was first funded by the General Assembly in 2005. The Judicial College was created because of several developments, including: (1) an increasing demand for training coming from a growing court system; (2) a need for training that is not directly focused on the law, such as training in leadership and training in societal trends pertinent to judicial officials; (3) a recognition of the benefits of small-group, interactive educational events; and (4) a desire to use emerging technologies to improve judicial education. School of Government faculty member Jim Drennan was the founding Director of the Judicial College.

Additional information. Further information about the history and mission of the Judicial College is available in the following materials: