Introduction to Local Government Finance

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This introductory course provides basic instruction in local government and public authority finance and financial management. Areas of instruction include the basic legal authority and requirements governing local government revenues, budgeting processes, cash management, purchasing and contracting, expenditure control, conflicts of interest, fund accounting and financial reporting. The course also provides an overview of the state and local economic issues that inform strategic budgeting decisions.

Course Information for Budgeting Purposes: This 4 day course takes place annualy in the fall. The 2016 fee was $525 (expect an increase). The 2017 dates and fees will be posted this spring. Registration will open this summer. 
Certification Questions: See the links on the right side of this page for the information you need to know. 
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This course is offered periodically.
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The Local Government Federal Credit Union offers scholarships to local government employees to apply towards tuition for conferences, classes, and seminars offered by the School of Government. There are five deadlines to submit applications: March 1, June 1, August 1, September 1 and December 1.
This course satisfies one of the core courses for NCGFOA Certification

Faculty Coordinators

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Professor of Public Administration and Government and MPA Program Director
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Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Government
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Associate Professor of Public Law and Government
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Lecturer and Director, Environmental Finance Center
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Lecturer in Public Law and Government
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Associate Professor of Public Law and Government
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Senior Lecturer in Public Finance and Government; Secretary, School of Government Foundation Board of Directors

Track 1 Agenda Link (Mon-Thu, August 29-September 1, 2016) 

Track 2 Agenda Link (Tue-Fri, August 30-September 2, 2016)

Course Materials: 

Local Government Finance in Context- Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Monday-9am; Track 2-Tuesday 9am) 

Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act- Kara Millonzi (Session one-Monday 11:30am; Session two- Tuesday 11:30am)

  • Materials will be provided in class

Revenues-Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Monday 2:45pm; Track 2-Tuesday 2:45pm)

  • Materials will be provided in class

Public Records-Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Monday 4:30pm; Track 2-Tuesday 4:30pm)

Local Government Budgeting-Bill Rivenbark (Track 1-Tuesday 9:00am; Track 2-Wednesday 9:00am)

Accounting & Financial Reporting-Greg Allison (Track 1-Tuesday 1:00pm; Track 2-Wednesday 2:45pm)

Property Tax Administration-Chris McLaughlin (Track 1-Tuesday 3:30pm; Track 2-Wednesday 1:00pm)

Capital Finance-Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Wednesday 9:00am; Track 2-Thursday 9:00am)

Cash Management and Disbursements- Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Wednesday 10:45am; Track 2-Thursday 10:45am)

Concurrent Session Counties-Special Issues in County Finance- Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Wednesday 1:45pm; Track 2-Thursday 1:45pm)

Concurrent Session Municipalities-Utilities Finance- Jeff Hughes (Track 1-Wednesday 1:45pm; Track 2-Thursday 1:45pm)

Revenue Forcasting- Whitney Afonso (Track 1-Wednesday 3:15pm; Track 2-Thursday 3:15pm)

Community Economic Development Finance-Tyler Mulligan (Track 1-Thursday 9:00am; Track 2-Friday 1:45pm)

Conflicts of Interest-Norma Houston (Track 1-Thursday 10:45am; Track 2-Friday 11:45am)

Purchasing and Contracting- Norma Houston (Track 1-Thursday 12:45pm; Track 2-Friday 9:00am)

Knowledge Check- Kara Millonzi (Track 1-Thursday 3:30pm; Track 2-Friday 3:30pm)

  • Knowledge Check Handout - provided in class
For questions regarding course details, please contact the program manager.

Faculty Coordinator

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Program Manager
For questions regarding course content, please contact the faculty coordinator.

Faculty Coordinator

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Associate Professor of Public Law and Government
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