Annexation Law in North Carolina: Volume 1 - General Topics, Second Edition

Thursday, September 13, 2007
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The second edition of the first of three volumes on North Carolina annexation law, updated through 2006. Volume 1 addresses topics that are relevant regardless of the statutory annexation procedure used by a city. The second volume addresses voluntary annexation, and the third addresses involuntary annexation. Chapters in volume one are organized in approximate chronological order, as a city might work through an annexation. Chapters discuss the General Assembly's authority over and role in annexation law; matters that condition a city's power to annex; rules for annexations; the standing of various parties to challenge a completed annexation; a city's authority to repeal an annexation ordinance; and the effect of an annexation upon existing services and service providers, various election matters, and city revenues. It also notes the steps a city should take to assure receipt of revenues. Includes an index, list of cases cited, and list of statutes discussed.

 1. General Assembly Actions Concerning Annexation
 2. Annexation Boundaries: Existing Political Boarders, Federal Facilities, and Islands
 3. Competition between Cities to Annex the Same Area
 4. Contracts with Private Parties Regarding Annexation
 5. Council Votes on Annexation Ordinances
 6. Metes and Bounds Boundary Descriptions and Annexation Maps
 7. Standing to Challenge an Annexation in Court
 8. The Effect of Annexation on Existing Services, Services Providers, and Regulations
 9. Protections for Rural Fire Departments
10. Protections for Private Solid Waste Collection Firms
11. Municipal Electric and Gas Distribution Systems
12. Rural Water or Sewer Systems
13. Annexation and Election Issues
14. City Revenues
15. Reversing an Annexation
A. Major North Carolina Statutes Discussed in Text and Footnotes
B. North Carolina Appellate Cases Discussed or Cited in the Text and Footnotes

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
David M. Lawrence
Second edition, 2007
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