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Human Trafficking in North Carolina: Strategies for Local Government Officials Margaret F. Henderson 2017

This bulletin covers ways in which human trafficking can be viewed through the lens of local government. The bulletin begins with a discussion of the basi

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Eight Strategies for Effective Council-Manager Relations Vaughn M. Upshaw 2017


This bulletin covers eight practical strategies public managers can use to establish effective relations with their elected council members.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Rocky Mount: Lessons Learned Carl W. Stenberg III 2016

As North Carolina’s demographics continue to change rapidly, local governments are increasingly giving attention to diversity and inclusion and making efforts to align their organizational cultures

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Project Management Principles for Use in the Public Sector: Tools for the Everyday Project Manager Sarah M. Hazel, Willow S. Jacobson 2014

This bulletin covers the concept of project management and highlights key principles and universal lessons anyone in charge of managing a project in the public sector can draw from to facilitate su

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Would You Like a Receipt with That? An Information-Sharing Tool for Enhancing Citizen Engagement Whitney Afonso 2014

This bulletin introduces the taxpayer receipt in a North Carolina context using property taxes as an example of its application.

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The Status of Strategic Human Capital Management in County Government Willow S. Jacobson, Kristina T. Lambright, Jessica E. Sowa 2012

Human Resource directors from forty counties in New York and North Carolina were interviewed to gain a better understanding of how and when SHCM practices are being implemented in county government

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Creating Effective Citizen Participation in Local Government Budgeting: Practical Tips and Examples for Elected Officials John B. Stephens 2011

The bulletin provides details about the challenges facing effective public participation on local government budgeting decisions, and examples and practical tips on informing, listening and encoura

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Benchmarking the Development Review Process David N. Ammons 2009

Nine North Carolina cities recently completed a twenty-one-month benchmarking project that yielded several dozen ideas for improving development review in their communities.

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Citizen Outreach by North Carolina Judicial Branch Officials: Comparison of Three Projects John B. Stephens 2008

This bulletin provides practical guidance for designing public forums, including cable TV broadcasts, for educating the general public (or particular audiences) on judicial branch operations.

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Using a Mediator in Public Disputes John B. Stephens 1998

Answers questions about using mediators and facilitators and describes School of Government resources in the area of public dispute resolution.

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Street Condition Ratings: Their Use among North Carolina Cities T. Dwane Brinson, David N. Ammons

This bulletin examines the prevalence of street condition ratings among municipalities in North Carolina, the frequency of condition assessments, the tendency to perform ratings in house or by cont

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