NC District Court Judges

2003 Special Topics on Equitable Distribution

Course Materials

Equitable Distribution Case Study
Cheryl D. Howell
April, 2003
Valuation Methodologies and Evaluating Valuation Experts
T. Randolph Whitt, Kelly A. Schmid
April, 2003
Equitable Distribution Case Study Presentation
April, 2003
Magnoliadoc.ppt (ppt, 47.10 KB)
Digest of Law on Valuation of Marital and Divisible Property
Barbara R. Morganstern
April, 2003
Morgensterns value.doc (doc, 60.42 KB)
Equitable Distribution Judgment
April, 2003
magnolia order 2.doc (doc, 48.64 KB)
Post-Trial Issues
Fred M. Morelock
April, 2003
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