The School offers the following articles relating to performance measurement and benchmarking.


Benefiting from Comparative Performance Statistics in Local Government
William C. Rivenbark, David N. Ammons, Dale J. Roenigk
Sunday, April 1, 2007

This article describes how the municipalities are using performance and cost data from the benchmarking project to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of service delivery, including how one municipality used the data to prompt an analysis of fleet maintenance. It also discusses the importance of focusing on the higher-order measures of efficiency and effectiveness, and the benchmarking project’s contribution to improving the quality of performance measures.

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Statement of Revenue-Neutral Tax Rate and Provision for Mid-Year Property Tax Rate Change
William C. Rivenbark
Monday, November 1, 2004

Discusses the application G.S. 159-11(e), which requires each taxing unit to disclose a revenue-neutral tax rate in its annual operating budget after a reappraisal year.

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Ensuring the Integrity of Crucial Data
William C. Rivenbark, Carla M. Pizzarella
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Auditing performance data (their accuracy, reliability, and comparability) is an essential component of performance measurement and benchmarking. Two specialists explain why.

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The Art of Using Performance and Cost Data
William C. Rivenbark
Sunday, October 1, 2000

Reviews the various ways in which participating jurisdictions in the North Carolina Benchmarking Project are using performance and cost data and presents examples of practical applications of data use for service or process improvement. 

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