Social Services Confidentiality Research Tool

CSS Research Tool 

Every day social services agencies in North Carolina must identify, interpret, and apply numerous state and federal confidentiality laws that apply to a range of public assistance and protective services programs. Because there are so many laws to consider, it is sometimes difficult to identify the right laws. In 2002, former School of Government faculty member John Saxon began the process of collecting and summarizing applicable confidentiality laws. This research tool expands on his work and presents it in a different manner. The tool is a database that includes over 250 legal resources, including statutes, regulations, cases, and guidance materials. For each resource identified, the database includes a citation, an external link, a brief summary, and links to other potentially relevant resources. In creating this tool, it was our goal to make it as easy as possible for state and local offiicals to locate and interpret applicable confidentiality laws.

How To Use The Research Tool

The best way to use the information in this database is to use one of the drop down menus to sort the resources by type (e.g., state case, federal statute) or topic (e.g., adult protective services). Users can also click on the column headings to sort the database by citation, type, or topic. There is also is an open text search field, but the sensitivity and accuracy of that search function varies. 

Suggestions or Questions

As you work with the information in the research tool, you may identify broken links, have suggestions for additional resources that should be included, or have questions about a summary. Please contact Aimee Wall ( with any and all of these thoughts. Over time, we hope to continue to expand and improve the information in this database so it can best support the work of the state’s social services agencies. 



Year of launch: 
Public Officials - Courts and Judicial Administration Roles