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2023 Presiding Over DWI Cases Course Materials

More information on the program can be found on the course homepage. If you have any questions please contact Shea Denning or Michael Spinosi.

All available materials from the program will be posted here within 3 weeks of the conclusion of the course.

For security, a copy of the agenda will not be posted online in advance. If you need a copy of the program agenda, please contact Michael Spinosi.


2023 Agenda - Presiding Over DWI Cases: What Magistrates and District Court Judges Need to Know
Alcohol in the Body - November 2023
Robinson & Fish - Alcohol and the Body 2023 - Presentation (Robinson & Fish - Alcohol and the Body 2023 - Presentation, 2.86 MB)
Driving After Drinking & Drugged Driving - November 2023
Driving After Drinking - Notebook Materials (Driving After Drinking - Notebook Materials, 10.45 MB)
Drugged Driving - Notebook Materials (Drugged Driving - Notebook Materials, 469.91 KB)
Denning-Impaired Driving Problem, Prevalence, Prevention - Presentation (Denning-Impaired Driving Problem, Prevalence, Prevention - Presentation, 5.10 MB)
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing - November 2023
Benfield-SFST and Drug Impairment - Presentation (Benfield-SFST and Drug Impairment - Presentation, 6.14 MB)
CVRs and Impaired Driving Holds - November 2023
CVRs and Implied Consent - Notebook Materials (CVRs and Implied Consent - Notebook Materials, 984.13 KB)
Denning-CVRs, Seizures, Holds - Presentation (Denning-CVRs, Seizures, Holds - Presentation, 922.97 KB)
Search Warrants for Blood in DWI Cases - November 2023
Search Warrants for Blood - Notebook Materials (Search Warrants for Blood - Notebook Materials, 521.17 KB)
SBI Crime Lab: Blood Testing Protocol - November 2023
Ethics for Magistrates - November 2023
NC Rules of Conduct for Magistrates (NC Rules of Conduct for Magistrates, 6.04 MB)
Lusic-Ethics for Magistrates - Presentation (Lusic-Ethics for Magistrates - Presentation, 3.01 MB)
Reading a DMV Record - November 2023
How to Read an MVR (How to Read an MVR, 357.04 KB)
DWI Sentencing - November 2023
DWI Sentencing - Notebook Materials (DWI Sentencing - Notebook Materials, 393.89 KB)
DART Center - November 2023
DART - Notebook Materials (DART - Notebook Materials, 465.79 KB)