On the pages linked below, we profile a handful of citizens academies to demonstrate the variety of programs being offered and to highlight some innovative program attributes. If you are involved with a citizens academy and feel like others might benefit from hearing about your experience, contact School of Government faculty member Rick Morse.

Catawba County, NC
  • Targeted Civic Engagement and Capacity Building
Town of Cary, NC
  • Increasing Citizen Participation
Town of Davidson, NC
  • Optimized Schedule and Low Costs
City-County of Durham, NC
  • Intergovernmental Partnership and Targeted Recruitment
Town of Aberdeen, NC
  • Promoting Engagement in Small Town
City of Hickory, NC
  • One of First Successful Programs in U.S.
Monroe County, IN
  • Partnership with Extension to Resurrect Discontinued Program
Redwood City, CA
  • Building Community Among Staff and Citizens
City of Gainesville, FL
  • Online Tools for Learning
Town of Addison, TX
  • Innovative Scheduling for Strong Citizen Participation