Most programs allow participants to evaluate each session once it has concluded. Many evaluate each session weekly and the overall program at the last class meeting. Some communities, such as Delray Beach, FL, report that an evaluation form's more precise wording generates more useful feedback.

Questions for session-by-session evaluations might include:

  • Were the presenters clear and informative? Were they able to answer your questions?
  • Did you find the format for presenting the material engaging?
  • Did we spend the right amount of time on the topic? Did we leave enough time for discussion?
Clearwaer Youth Center
Participants from Clearwater, FL, Citizen's Academy listen to a presenter

Other questions for the overall evaluation might include:

  • Should we schedule the program at another time to better accommodate your or your neighbor/colleagues’ schedules?
  • How can we attract your neighbors to apply for the program?

These examples are just a few of the many questions that could be asked to improve future programs.

Sample Evaluations

Please use the links below to access sample evaluations from programs across the country.

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