Citizens Academies

City of Gainesville, FL



  • City of Gainesville, FL: Gainesville 101
  • Population: 124,354
  • Years Offered: 5 (2005-present)
  • Signature Innovation: Gainesville 101 leads the way in promoting dialogue and online learning

Gainesville 101 runs for six weeks, beginning every March and October, from 8:30am to noon on Wednesdays. Sessions cover topics such as the police department, fire/rescue department, area utilities, and the structure and function of local government.

Classes are limited to 40 people, and citizens are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. The program leads its peers on its use of online resources. Applications and board/commission openings are hosted on the city website. Also provided online is a comprehensive schedule that identifies the subject for that week's session, the meeting time, and a Google map to the location.

Some sessions' participants have even created a blog about their experience. The site allows students to write about experiences, post pictures from the sessions, and access information regarding each session as well as relevant links provided in each presentation.

The Gainesville 101 graduation, held at a meeting of the City Commission, features an address by a class-elected speaker.


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