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The Magistrate's Role in Involuntary Commitment
Joan G. Brannon
Saturday, September 1, 2007

This bulletin defines involuntary civil commitment, describes the commitment process, and focuses on the magistrate's role in the process that potentially leads to involuntary civil commitment. It includes discussions on criteria for issuing a custody order, the procedure for initiating involuntary commitment, emergency commitment for mentally ill and substance abuse respondents, transportation orders, and more.

The Magistrate's Role in Involuntary Commitment (The Magistrate's Role in Involuntary Commitment, 298.56 KB)
North Carolina Civil Commitment Manual, Second Edition
Benjamin M. Turnage, John Rubin, Dorothy T. Whiteside
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

View this manual, a reference in the School's Indigent Defense Manual Series, free of charge at defendermanuals.sog.unc.edu.

The North Carolina Civil Commitment Manual is designed to assist the attorney representing a respondent or minor in civil commitment proceedings. It reviews North Carolina mental health and substance abuse laws pertaining to inpatient and outpatient commitments and admissions. It analyzes in depth the relevant statutes in Chapter 122C of the North Carolina General Statutes and applicable case law. It also discusses the collateral consequences resulting from commitment and the special provisions on commitment of respondents involved with the criminal justice system. Although the manual’s focus is on commitments and admissions requiring judicial review, and thus on proceedings requiring the appointment of counsel, the manual is a clear, usable resource for anyone who works in this challenging area of law.


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