Criminal Law in North Carolina

Prosecutors' Resource Page

The School of Government provides the following services and resources to North Carolina prosecutors:

  • Prosecutors’ Trial Manual: The Administrative Office of the Courts provides a trial manual to all North Carolina prosecutors. A new edition of this manual is expected to be available by early 2013.
  • Arrest Warrant and Indictment Forms: These forms contain recommended charging language for several hundred North Carolina offenses.
  • Practical Skills for New Prosecutors: Each spring, in conjunction with the Conference of District Attorneys, the School of Government offers this five-day course for new prosecutors.
  • Other Prosecutor Training: School of Government criminal law faculty members regularly teach in other trainings for prosecutors, including their summer and fall association meetings. Faculty member Jeff Welty is particularly interested in the training needs of prosecutors; other criminal law faculty members are available by telephone and email for consultation about criminal law issues and cases.  
  • General Criminal Law Resources: The School offers North Carolina Crimes; Arrest, Search, and Investigation in North Carolina; the North Carolina Criminal Law Blog; and many other tools and publications for prosecutors and others in the criminal justice system. Visit the criminal law homepage to find more information about these resources.
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