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Ann Beal Sanders Archive and Rare Book Suite

Thanks to a generous donation from Ben M. Jones III, the library was able to create a suite dedicated to Ann Beal Sanders in appreciation of her service to the Institute of Government. The suite contains a rare book room and an archive of all School of Government publications.

The rare book room contains such gems as the governors' papers, colonial records, municipal and county histories, North Carolina Manuals, and a complete set of the Records of the Moravians in North Carolina. The archive portion of the suite consists of a complete set of all School of Government publications, such as Popular Government, Daily Bulletin, and Planning Legislation in North Carolina. In addition, the archive houses the School of Government photo collection.

L. Richardson and Emily Preyer Legislative Archives Room

Thanks to other generous donations, the library was also able to create a noteworthy archive of North Carolina legislation and legislative materials. This archive is dedicated to L. Richardson and Emily Preyer in honor of their service to our state.

The legislative archive consists of an impressive collection of legislative research materials including legislative histories (1969-1997), study commission reports (1958-), superseded statutes (1943-), administrative code (fiche 1982-1987, book 1998-), historical bills and session laws (fiche 1776-1858, paper 1949-), and current session bills, resolutions, and laws.


We have more than 250 active journal subscriptions covering a broad spectrum of subjects. Our collection includes titles on planning (such as Carolina Planning and Urban Land), on law (over fifty law reviews), on health (such as The New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association), on law enforcement (such as Police Chief and Sheriff), and on education (such as Education Week and Educational Horizons).

The University of North Carolina Libraries also have many electronic subscriptions to journals with subjects related to public administration and government. You can search for those journals through the E-Journal Finder.

Legal Resources

Our collections span federal, state, and local government legal resources. Our federal resources include the US Code Annotated, Congressional Record, Federal Register, US Supreme Court Reports, and census data. Our North Carolina resources include Attorney General Rulings, NC Register, NC Reports, NC Court of Appeals Reports, South Eastern Reporter, and the legislative archives collection. Our local government resources include selected local ordinances, budgets, and rules of the court.

Public Administration Resources

Our collections contain both journals and books supporting the MPA Program and its faculty teaching and research needs. Topics of interest include human resources, benchmarking, public dispute resolution, training and development, public works, and government administration.


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