North Carolina Public Health Law

Legal Information by Topic

Please note dates on materials retrieved from this microsite and be aware that some materials may be outdated. 

Animal Services

This link will take you to the SOG's microsite about animal services law.

Boards of Health

Information about North Carolina laws creating local boards of health and giving them certain powers and duties.

Communicable Disease Control

Topics include bloodborne pathogen exposures, immunization law, and isolation and quarantine.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

This link will take you to the SOG's COVID-19 microsite.

Consolidated Human Services Agencies

This link will take you to SOG-developed information about consolidated human services agencies in North Carolina, as well as a repository of resolutions and resources from counties that have undergone consolidation since 2012. 

Drinking Water Incident Response Toolkit

This link will take you to the SOG's microsite for the North Carolina Drinking Water Incident Response Toolkit. It also provides information about the Drinking Water Working Group.

Environmental Health

Topics include regulatory reform, public health remedies, and environmental health specialist liability.

HIPAA and Medical Confidentiality

This link will take you to articles, outlines, FAQs, and other information about the HIPAA privacy rule and North Carolina medical confidentiality laws.

Immigrant Health

Topics include immigrants' eligibility for local health department services and the legal duty to provide language assistance to limited-English proficient persons.

Medical Treatment of Minors

Topics include consent for minors' medical treatment and confidentiality of minors' medical information.

NC Public Health System

Topics include the mission and history of North Carolina's public health system, types of local public health agencies in the state, and the powers and duties of local boards of health and local health directors.

Public Health Remedies

This is the link for information about the legal tools that may be used to enforce North Carolina public health laws.

Tobacco Regulation

Topics include North Carolina's smoke-free restaurants and bar law, local regulation of smoking, and local regulation of vapor products such as e-cigarettes.