Upcoming courses and conferences

The 39th Annual NC Local Health Directors' Legal Conference will be held April 22-23, 2020. You may sign up to receive notification of registration opening on the conference page

Materials from past courses and conferences

Educational materials about legal issues can become outdated as laws change. Please note the dates on these materials. These materials offer information, not legal advice. For legal advice, readers should consult an attorney.

N.C. Local Health Directors' Legal Conference

This course is offered annually in April. The agenda is planned by SOG faculty after consultation with the NC Association of Local Health Directors. 

HIPAA Critical Updates Workshop

This workshop for local health department HIPAA officers was launched in partnership with the North Carolina Public Health HIPAA Alliance and the North Carolina Public Health Association in 2016. Materials from the 2016 and 2017 offerings are linked below.

The 2018 critical updates were incorporated into regional workshops jointly presented by the UNC School of Government, the NC Institute for Public Health, and the NC Area Health Education Centers. The instructional modules that were introduced during the 2018 workshops are available through the NC Institute for Public Health's training website. Select training series, then NC Public Health HIPAA.

Legal Basics for Human Services Directors & Administrators

This course is offered biennially. 

Nurse Executives' Legal Conference

This annual videoconference was discontinued after 2011. Materials have been archived.

Special Topics Workshops

Special topics workshops are offered periodically on an irregular schedule. When special topics workshops are scheduled, they will be announced at the top of this page, under the heading "Upcoming courses and conferences." Materials from previous workshops have been archived.