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ARPA is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly scholarly journal of public administration and public affairs. Recent issues and articles are available via RSS feeds.

The Center aims to connect public management research with practice and ultimately improve the effectiveness of government by sponsoring independent research and creating opportunities for dicussions of public management topics. Subscribe to their blog via RSS feeds and E-newsletter on this website.

The GAO is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress and investigates federal spending and undertakings. The GAO website offers email updates as well as information feeds for reports, legal opinions, podcasts, and more.

The ICMA provides support for local government officials through publications, training, and professional development.  RSS feeds are available for recent news, podcasts, and information related to the ICMA's Knowledge Network.

PAR is a bi-monthly scholarly journal in the field of public administration research, theory, and practice. Subscribe to the RSS feed for recent PAR articles.

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