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2005 Legislation Affecting Small Claims Actions and Other Non-Criminal Functions of Magistrates
Joan G. Brannon
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The 2005 General Assembly enacted a number of bills affecting small claims and miscellaneous duties of magistrates, some of which made significant changes in certain summary ejectment actions. This bulletin will discuss those changes. Another bulletin by John Rubin discusses criminal law changes. Copies of individual bills may be printed from the General Assembly’s web site, www.ncleg.net.

aojb0507.pdf (pdf, 90.50 KB)
2004 Small Claims and Miscellaneous Legislation Affecting Magistrates
Joan G. Brannon
Wednesday, September 1, 2004

This bulletin will discuss the bills enacted by the 2004 General Assembly that affect small claims and other noncriminal matters of interest to magistrates. An Administration of Justice Bulletin by John Rubin was issued later that discusses all of the criminal law and procedure changes.

aoj200405.pdf (pdf, 190.39 KB)
1999 Small Claims and Miscellaneous Legislation Affecting Magistrates
Wednesday, September 1, 1999
North Carolina Small Claims Law
Joan G. Brannon
Thursday, August 20, 2009

This book discusses the procedure in trials before a magistrate as well as the substantive law for common cases that magistrates hear, including basic contract and tort principles, summary ejectment, actions to recover possession of personal property, and motor vehicle lien actions. It also includes chapters on miscellaneous duties of the magistrate such as performing marriages, assigning year's allowances, and acknowledging documents.


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Hearings for Persons Whose Vehicles Have Been Towed by Law Enforcement Officer-Round Two
Joan G. Brannon
Wednesday, June 1, 1983

Discusses the law passed in 1982 that sets out the procedure a law enforcement officer must follow before or soon after having a vehicle towed and provides a hearing before a magisrate for those vehicle owners who wish to contest the towing.

aojb8303.pdf (pdf, 3.19 MB)
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