Juvenile Law

Publications Related to Abuse, Neglect, Dependency & TPR


Abuse, Neglect, Dependency, and Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings in North Carolina by Sara DePasquale (UNC School of Government, February 2022)

  • This fourteen-chapter manual explains and presents laws, cases, concepts, and practical situations related to juvenile law proceedings and is a good starting point to understand and research stages of proceedings and specific topics. It includes published opinionns through February 15, 2022 and legislative changes made through that time period.

Fathers and Paternity: Applying the Law in North Carolina Child Welfare Cases by Sara DePasquale (UNC School of Government, 2016)

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in North Carolina by Janet Mason (UNC School of Government, 2013)

Disclosing Protective Services Information: A Guide for North Carolina Social Services Agencies by Aimee Wall (UNC School of Government, 2015)

Primers (with Flowcharts):


Human Trafficking of Minors and Young Adults: What Local Governments Need to Know (Dec. 2019) - a Public Management Bulletin coauthord by Margaret Henderson, Sara DePasquale, Nancy Hagan, and Christy Croft

Delinquency and DSS Custody without Abuse, Neglect, or Dependency: How Does That Work? by Sara DePasquale and Jacquelyn Greene (June 2019)

Childhood Immunizations and the Role of a County Department of Social Services by Sara DePasquale (January 2015)

Guardian ad Litem for Respondent Parents in Juvenile Cases by Janet Mason (Jan. 2014)

Drafting Good Court Orders in Juvenile Cases by Janet Mason (2013)


 Expert Witness Quick Reference Guide